Succession Law

Inheritance planning is a legal technique through which succession is defined before the absence or incapacity of the author of the patrimony. In this procedure, it is discussed and recorded legally how the transfer of assets will be performed after the death of an individual.

Succession planning has the advantages of rational disposition and preservation of assets and family business activity, allowing the quick release of assets and assets, and avoiding the occurrence of succession discussions and the dispute over inheritance.

Thus, the benefits of proper planning are diverse. One of the main ones is to avoid setting up the inventory process. This is a time consuming procedure due to its complexity and it may take decades to be decided and finalized.

In addition, another positive point is that it avoids conflicts between the relatives, since the parties need to be in accordance with the stipulated.

Finally, compared to an inventory, the tax expenditures of effective succession planning are much smaller. This is due to the fact that, at the same time, an efficient tax planning is developed in order to minimize the tax burden.


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