Estate Planning

Patrimonial Planning is the art of planning and structuring equity during its construction, preserving or transferring wealth to the next generation, in a fiscally optimized way.

MELLEH LAW proposes to advise legally the family patrimonial management within solid services of patrimonial planning during its construction, as well as in the preservation of these goods.

The patrimonial planning is a personalized service, elaborated according to the peculiarities of each company or individual and considers its pretensions with respect to the future. The analysis is oriented to an efficient and economic administration of equity, taking into account several legal aspects such as tax, corporate, family-succession and labor.

Not infrequently, this device is used in family businesses. Patrimonial and succession planning are interrelated, involving the analysis of corporate and family aspects, in order to minimize the affectation of personal assets in business activities.

Several actions can be carried out aiming at a reorganization of assets and succession. Some examples are the making of a will or donation; the creation of Trusts and Foundations and the creation of a legal entity controlling the assets of the partners, better known as a holding company.


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