Matrimonial Law and Foreign Marriages

We offer clients a full range of services in the family law area, from simple uncontested divorces to complex marital property cases and high-conflict custody and parenting disputes.

Our family law practice includes following areas:

  • Negotiating and drafting pre-nuptial agreements and divorce settlement agreements
  • Litigating matrimonial actions involving spousal maintenance, equitable distribution, child custody and child support

Foreign Marriages

Melleh Law Firm has helped many Brazilian and foreigners in New York with family matters, including divorce, asset distribution, child custody, and support matters.

We offer expertise in resolving international family law disputes negotiated and litigated in two or more jurisdictions. We are also adept at addressing property issues relating to complex financial structures, real estate, deferred compensation packages, trusts, limited partnerships, privately held companies, and professional practices and other high-income careers.

From our legal and life experience, we have a firm grasp of the particular goals and needs of each individual or family living internationally. They ofter have questions such as:

  • What law applies?
  • Where does the divorce happen?
  • How do I fulfill residency requirements?
  • Does it matter whose fault it is?
  • What happens to property or assets in another country?
  • How does career affect international divorce?
  • How will international parents see minor children?
  • What happens if the other spouse violates the agreement in another country?

International Litigation

With extensive knowledge and experience in US law and Brazilian Law, we deliver effective and responsive legal services tailored to meet the unique needs of migratory families and individuals. As part of our New York based practice, we work with attorneys around the world to resolve cross-border matrimonial disputes that are negotiated or litigated simultaneously in different countries.

We have the unique skills that our clients can count on to prevail in international litigation:

  • Mastery of US litigation tactics and strategies, particularly mechanisms and doctrines governing the handling of international disputes;
  • In-depth understanding of US family law, and often US immigration law;
  • Experience with the legal and factual dynamics of international family life;
  • Broad knowledge of the unique procedural, substantive and cultural issues presented by cross-border disputes; and
  • Capability to work effectively and directly with local attorneys in complex investigations, discovery, and concurrent litigations in foreign courts.

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